Mojo Mayne Releases New Ep 'The Renaissance'

Mojo Mayne has released a new 8 track EP entitled "The Renaissance".

The EP falls into the rock/alternative genre, with some attributes stemming from pop music.

The opening track 'All This Love' - samples The White Stripe's bassline off of 'Seven Nation Army'. The composition is a total reimagination of the original composition, bringing new life and meaning. The vocals are inviting and drive the narrative found in this composition, creating for an exciting composition.

The following track greatly contrasts the opening track. 'Wrapped In Black' can be considered as more down-tempo and slower. Attention is brought to the vocals and its theme.

A stand out track for me is 'Joker'. It is exciting, captivating and cunning. The vocals add high intensity to the composition, and the heavy layered composition adds to the energy of the track.

This is a highly recommended EP and you can listen here:

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