Molly And The Pineapples Releases New Track 'Rosie'

The future keeps getting more and more rosy for this Jersey City artist, Molly and The Pineapples. Molly continues to uncover the Underlying Truths of Love and War with the release of his third single ‘Rosie’ from his upcoming Album.

With more of an R&B and Hip-Hop vibe on this one, the track is smooth and the melodies and top lines, catchy. It’s sure to be a track that you’ll end up humming and whistling to for a while after listening.

With an impressive lead up to Molly’s upcoming album, the singles have already accumulated over 13.5K streams on Spotify alone within only a few weeks. A sign of things to come for this independent artist.

When asked about the project the artist says “"Rosie is a song about love as much as it’s a song about time. Time is a human construct that we have trapped ourselves in. This merry go round of relationships and connections waiting for the one, the one that will change our lives. In todays society we mistaken toxic love Rosie is the flower child, the outsider, the holder of all secrets. With her brings love with the compromise of pain and destruction.”

Molly’s album is not the only thing coming from this artist, as he’s getting ready to co-host and produce a podcast called “Really Though?!”. In addition Molly and the Pineapples just concluded his 4 episode mini-series Rekord, which is not to be missed.

Our Take:

This is an addictive new track with a compelling melody and reverting bassline. The vocals work seamlessly with the nature of the track, painting a vivid narrative through the crafty lyricism and perfect execution. The drum pattern. sustains the momentum of the track beautifully. This is a highly recommended track.

He is a Rapper, Musician, Movie Maker & Story Teller.

Listen here: