Musicismost Releases New Single, 'Pheromone Too (Hard Mix)'

"Musicismost" was formed in Chiswick, London in the summer of 2020. Lead singer and song writer

Maniacal Honker said: “All of the band members have been involved in the music industry over the

last 20 years but none of us have ever been in a rock band.....until now!!! Also, the guys have been

working in non-musical jobs all this time to pay their bills! This is our first (and last!) attempt at

trying to make a living from music! Otherwise, it’s back to washing dishes!!!”

Their first single "Pheromone Too" was released on November 17th

, 2020 and has already gained

around 100,000 streams and 17,000 followers on Spotify since its release. This song sheds light on

pheromones - the invisible aromas that we cannot smell, detect or notice, but seem to affect our

lives considerably.

The band are currently recording the video that will accompany their debut song, that will star

"Cutey" and "Beary" ... video launch date is coming soon!