My Top 5 Favorite Supa Tracks

Supa is an up and coming rapper, sure to leave you impressed and lost for word once you hear is crisp and versatile flow. Today I have the privilege of sharing with you my top 5 favorite Supa tracks, and let me tell you, it wasn’t easy. Each track has a different feel and approach, making incredibly difficult to name one track, the best.

Ride For Me

This is a quick, bouncy track, with an addictive melody, heavy 808 bass line, and surreal rap flow. This track gives you a great feel of Supa’s music. It highlights his raw and unique talent. The lyricism is crafty and flows well from bar to bar, and accompanies his diverse, quick and punchy rap flow. This is a banger. If you listen to anything today, make sure its ‘Ride for Me’.

First Thing First

The melody in this track is quite catchy. The cowbell is prominent in this track and is a neat touch that effectively opens up this track. The flow is consistent and accompanies the feel and mood of the track flawlessly. This is a highly recommended track and a track that I will personally be bumping.

You Know

This is another exceptional track by Supa. ‘You Know’ has a slower melody, yet the drum pattern builds and sustains a fast momentum. I especially like how this track evolves over its duration. The melody feels appropriate to the lyrics and themes discussed. The hook is also extremely catchy.


This is the first track I heard from Supa, and still remains to be one of my all-time favorites. It has a fast, quirky nature. I love the fast rap flow that Supa executes so well. This track is a tribute to Supa’s discography, thanks to its fast and ever-changing nature. Supa has achieved what many artists fail to do.


This is quite an emotional track. I love how both the lyrics and the melody of the track work hand in hand to create emotion. This is a well-balanced track, with deep 808s, reverberated vocals, and a snappy drum pattern. It is reminiscent of Kanye West’s 2008 project, ’808s and Heartbreak’.

I highly recommend Supa and I am looking forward to future projects by this very promising artist.

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