Mystic Of Melody Releases New Album 'Night Messenger'

Mystic Of Melody has released a new album entitled 'Night Messenger'. This is a massive album with 15 awesome tracks! As hard as it was, we will be counting down the top 5 tracks off this fresh new album! This album really does a little something from everyone, and you can listen here:

5. Time Has No Mercy

This is a great track. The instrumental is catchy yet grim in its nature. The riff echoes throughout this track over a steady drum pattern and well-balanced bass. The voice-over is a consistent attribute throughout this album. In this track, it asks some of life's biggest questions.

4. Sick Old Man

This track has a very distinctive sound, as it showcases a very unique melody, which slowly evolves over the duration of this track, into something very ambitious. The Irish voice-over paints a narrative for the listener of a 'Sick Old Man'. The use of the Irish voice-over is a very nice touch.

3. Dazed

This is a very different track from the album. It has a very bright melody, juxtaposed by the harsh yet flowful male voice over. The melody is very versatile and dynamic in this track. I like how the track works hand in hand with the voiceover to create an uncertain aura.

2. Watching The Sunrise

This is a beautiful track. This track concludes the album and does so on a high note. The voiceover is much slower than prior tracks. This is done to better match the tempo of the track. The lyrics are deep and symbolic. I really enjoyed the brightness of the melody and the harmony it brings.

1. Night Messenger

This is my favorite track on the album. With a run time of 6 minutes 3 seconds, this track has everything you want and more. The riveting riff works beautifully on this track, with the intense drum pattern. This is an energetic and refreshing track that I absolutely love!

I am looking forward to future projects by Mystic Of Melody! This album is one for the ages.