Nelson King Releases New Album 'Collide'

Nelson King has released a new album entitled Collide. We have picked our top 5 favorite tracks of the album to share with you today.

Shiny Day

This is an amazing track. I love the sharpness of the acoustic guitar, and how it formulates an upbeat emotion. The bass feels well balanced in conjunction with the acoustic guitar. The vocals work really well with the nature of the track also, painting a narrative for the listener. A great track yo start your day to.


This track feels a little more downtempo. We definitely see a more vulnerable and emotional side of King in this track, thanks to the rich lyricism. 'You're just a picture, hanging on my wall' is such a powerful line that really resonates with you as you listen on.


The riff in this track sounds more intricate than prior tracks. The vocal performance and delivery is unique in this track. King cements his spot, by creating his own style in this track. I especially love the elongated vocal delivery.

World On Fire

This track is more important than ever with the ongoing events. The narrative focuses on an inseparable couple, even if the world is on fire, they will always be there for each other. This definitely hits a nerve, thanks to King's beautiful choice of lyricism over a downtempo acoustic track.

Hold On

This is a phenomenal track. It stands out more than the others, thanks to the upbeat nature of the track. There's a lot going on this track, whether it be the electric guitar or the R.E.M sounding drum pattern. This track can really hype anybody up in the morning!

This is a highly recommended album and I am looking forward to future projects by Nelson King.

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