Nelson King Releases New Album 'Vibes'

Nelson King has released a new album entitled 'Vibes'.We will be sharing with you today our top 3 picks from the album, but this is an astonishing project you need to hear from front to end!

Beautiful Life

This is a beautiful (dare I say it) composition, with crisp and clean vocals, which paint a vivid narrative and a simple and minimalistic key melody. Both elements work hand in hand to create an intimate and down to earth composition.

Dance Your Dreams

This is a more upbeat composition, which introduces a snappy drum pattern, a memorable rock riff, and iconically crisp vocals. This track is full of optimism with its bright soundtrack and light nature. This is a fantastic track that I have added to my personal playlist.


This is a brilliant composition, motivating in nature. The lyricism paints a vivid narrative for the listener, and the execution is flawless. The riff feels empowering and the drum pattern sustains the momentum of the composition perfectly. All elements work seamlessly together to create a work of art!

Listen here: