Neoborn Caveman Releases New Single '12 Ways Of Love'

Neoborn Caveman has released a new single entitled '12 Ways Of Love'. We were fortunate enough to follow up with an Interview.

'12 Ways Of Love' is a captivating new single, with a very distinctive electronic sound. The drum pattern has a deep kick and crisp snare, maintaining the momentum of the track perfectly. The melody is cunning and really leads the track. The vocals are low and rich in lyricism, directing the narrative for the audience.

What have you been up to since we last spoke?

So many things have happened! I know, it can be said to all of us in the planet in these times of constant turmoil and outbursting hurt all around. People are fed up with the unrighteousness, more and more see the light how the establishments have been taking advantage of them – it’s like a full-time rebellion and clashes in lot of areas in the Earth. I especially like how the first world countries started to get to their senses and step by step trying to do better than their past. There is only one way to get over the pain: embrace it, let it be recognized and then start to heal by forgiving, loving and uniting. Actually, this is one of the main messages of my new single “12 Ways of Love”, probably the only truly joyous song I’ve ever written about the 3 Great Blessings in life and path we all can choose to co-create a better world for our children and our children’s children, since we are the watershed generation to do that.

Turning back to your question: I’ve created, produced, written and directed a webseries, now the whole first season is done. Needed to take care of my health and my heart, too – I was so depleted and burned out that everyday things became more than a challenge. Now it’s better, thanks to God and the very-very few people around and from far away, who stood up and tried to support either with prayers or other ways.

Oh, and I’ve launched Music Authentic, a different kind of music and art site for creating mementos for the artists and their fans.

Can you explain to us the “Somebody Is Living My Life” series? There is one way to reach a human heart the fastest: through tears. And this can come either from laughter or from ache. I’d opt for the former one. So, our world is so much upside-down and inside out with little to no attention span; our life is so much affected by every meaningless but distracting tools that we seem to forget to read in between the lines and think in meta. I was inspired to create this idea when we are just watching our life happening and somebody is living it but with a twist, a kinda “Stanley Parable” with irony, sarcasm and goodness, niceness. All this might help people open their inner eyes to see and shake their head out of the everyday numbness we all tend to be trapped into.

What inspired you to start this series? God. That’s the brief and extended answer, too. It is not religion at all, it’s not even faith or believing in something, someone. It’s a state of being, a level of resonance and harmony – even at the darkest of times. To get back to the balance when none of my cells want it to, to be a part of others’ healing when I’m burning in pain. The time and space expansion at times of gratitude and hugs with my children. The mind and body unity whilst singing and my body feels elevated. This inspired me.

What are the themes of your upcoming project? How does this link with the YouTube series? To grow over your past, to forgive for yourself when you were abused and neglected, to learn how to redirect the energy pushing you down to be a true co-creator of your life.

“Somebody Is Living My Life” had a little pre-run on Twitter with a few episodes and got some avid fans. I’ve always said: this connection and joy should lead to “12 Ways of Love” – so, there will be a special edition when artists will say what love is for them and this will also be edited into it. This is the way to learn, to really learn from each other, since our uniqueness make us special and our differences make us united.

It is all about interconnectedness and learning from each other – even in today’s crazy. When you feel what you do is only a drop in the ocean remember: we are here to co-create the island of harmony and beauty for each and every one of us.

This is quite a clever concept, how did you come up with it? As for the technical details, to be precise, this part was indeed a lot of practical thinking and measuring the options I had at hand. And I was blessed to be guided and probably enough open to find the right people for this project. I would like to mention two great additions: Paul K Stadden and Josh Bovington. They really did the extra miles and got their heart right on this.

What can we expect to hear from you in the future?

Last time I promised there would be more fun since I tend to be serious all the time (this might be the reason only a few get it when I’m joking). So, it just happened in the format of this webseries. If all goes well and God will help me to be and stay inspired, there will be a second season of it, too - albeit a bit different. And well, there will be a new single, “You Were My Savior” coming out soon – and maybe, MAYBE the whole “The Break-up Therapy” album by the end of this year. If you come to my Twitter, you’ll find some news time to time - maybe even an invitation for the special edition screening of “Somebody Is Living My Life” or even the once in a lifetime audio-visual experience in 10/10/2020.