Neutron Mendoza Releases New Album 'The Last Goat'

Neutron Mendoza has released a new album entitled 'The Last Goat'. Here are our top 3 picks from this outstanding album!

Matte Black

This is a very engaging and motivating track. The heavy 808 bassline work seamlessly with the repetitive yet hypnotic melody, The flow is clear and concise, creating a narrative for the listener to fully involve themself with. This track is versatile and flows nicely.


This is also a motivating track, with a slower start, quick to increase the tempo. The flow sounds harsh and experienced in this track. It's a unique style that I can truly appreciate as a music critic. I am always looking for artist creating their own sound. Neutron Mendoza has well established his own style and sound in this track - and executed it perfectly.

Fa da Low

This track feels like a thriller, with its on-edge melody, and grim bassline. The powerful mastering of this track allows the vocals to reverberate around the listener, with powerful and swift lyricism. This track honestly feels like a movie experience - as it engages me as a listener.

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