Noah Easton Releases New Single 'Lost My Way'

Noah Easton has teamed up with King Marino, Specikinging and Merki Waters to release a new single entitled, 'Lost My Way'.

This is a phenomenal track. All lyricist perform flowing and impactful lines with emotion and passion. The melody is quite ambient, with a reverberated pad painting the mood of the track. The drum pattern is enthusiastic and sustains the momentum of the track. The chorus is catchy and memorable while conveying a real and dramatic sense of emotion. The track is about the artist feeling disconnected from himself.

He states 'I changed a lot during the past years and mistakes defined the way I act lately. I made this to express that feeling. I miss the way I was 8 years ago.'

Noah Easton is currently 18 and living in the Netherlands. The track was self-produced. His upcoming album 'Masked Insanity' - will be coming out soon. It is a project we are very excited for here at Fresh out of The Booth.

Listen here: