Olya's Single 'Hollywood' Is A Refreshing Burst Of Energy

Today we will be checking out Olya's track, 'Hollywood'.

In this upbeat, electronic-pop track, Olya expresses her love for the L.A's favorite neighborhood, Hollywood. This composition is a burst of energy and optimism. The hook is catchy and dynamic, accompanying the joyful melody perfectly. The drum pattern is heavily inspired by electronic elements, with digital percussion really driving this track, and creating a unique sound. The vocals are central to the track - really delivering a compelling narrative in a flawless fashion. There is no question as to why this track is being put on loop on the radios - it is an instant feel-good summer classic, with a refreshing new sound. It is with that said that I truly hope it will be a hit song this summer.

I really like how this artist sums up how she came up with the concept for this magnificent single,

'I’m so happy with my new song Hollywood and I’m happy to promote it to radios and magazines. The music arranger Raz Klinghoffer played all the instruments and I appreciate the song’s club dance sound, mixed with retro pop.' - courtesy of muziquemagazine.com

Fans are also anticipating the music video for 'Hollywood' - for now, they can sing along with the lyric video.

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