Otutu Releases New EP 'Crazy Sound Of Meaning'

Otutu has released a new EP entitled 'Crazy Sound Of Meaning'. The EP consists of 5 tracks.

The opening track, 'Focus' has a certain tropical-house feel, thanks to the intriguing and bright drum pattern, and the harmonious melodies. The vocals float on top of the track, delivering a cunning listening experience.

The following track 'Eat U', consists of this island/tropical vibe. The drums are embodied in the melody, delivering an exceptional and unified listening experience. The lyrics are playful and easy to enjoy.

My favourite track on this EP, however, is the final track 'Pepe U'. New sounds are explored and designed in this track, as melodies are constructed from emotion and thoughts. The vocals are exceptional in this track, with a bouncy flow, that accompanies the track perfectly.

This is a highly recommended EP and you can listen here: