Our Top 5 Favorite 4evaknockin Tracks

4evaknockin is an up and coming rap artist and we are fortunate to share with you today our 5 favourite tracks from this prodigy.


This is a riveting and hard-hitting track with a compelling melody and deep rap flow. The nature of this track is eerie and impactful. From the very start, I was drawn to this track, and I will personally continue to keep this track on repeat.

4's Up

The melody in this track is so repetitive it becomes hypnotic. The flow is cutthroat, as powerful and straight to the point lines are delivered. All elements in this track work seamlessly together, delivering a powerful composition.

Made Up

The most recent single from 4evaknockin, this track has an eerie bell loop which takes up the role of the melody. The vocals feel brighter and more optimistic in this track while maintaining the deep flow we have come to love.


Unarguably 4evaknockin's most popular track, the guitar riff really stands out on this track and differentiates from other tracks. There is a plethora of emotion in this track, with melancholic lyricism and themes which really drive this track.

Ana (DOA)

This track is a personal favorite, from the chant in the intro, to the impactful one-liners, this is a fast-paced, bass-heavy track that attacks. The momentum of the track and flow executed is quite different to earlier tracks, and what makes it a stand out. Anyone listening to this track will immediately feel hyped after listening.

I am looking forward to future 4evaknockin projects.

Listen here: