Our Top 5 Favorite Kamil Mueller Tracks

We are excited today to share with you our top 5 Kamil Mueller tracks.

Cowboy Soul

One of Kamil Mueller's most popular tracks, this toe-tapping track has an uplifting acoustic melody and a contagious drum pattern which sustains the momentum of the composition so well. The vocals float on this track, and paint a rich image for the audience.

Final Price

This track is quite unique, with a very different yet firm sound. The crispy vocals paint a vivid narrative for the listener to engage in, over quick drums and a hypnotic melody. This is a very versatile and dynamic track, sure to leave you impressed.

I Human

From the 'I Write My Story' EP, this is a down-tempo and emotional track, sure to touch the heartstrings of the listener. The vocals are heavily layered in the hook, to create a sad and serious mood. The rich lyricism embedded into this track really makes this track the masterpiece that it is.


This is such an empowering and motivating track, sure to get anybody up and moving. The drums are central to this track, building up a resident aura for this composition. The vocals and lyrics work really well with this theme of resilience and freedom also.

Walk On

I love this track. It is a testament to Kamil Mueller's work, and demonstrates how versatile he can be. It has a very unique sound that I have quickly come to embrace. You get lost in the lyrics, as the narrative hypnotises you and makes you ponder on your own experiences. This is well accompanied by a powerful drum pattern and raw melody.

Kamil Mueller is a highly recommended artist and I am looking forward to future projects.

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