Our Top 5 Favorite Ultra_eko Tracks

We have curated our top 5 tracks from your new favorite South-London based hip hop artist, Ultra_eko.

Wifi Wifey

This is a track that really stands out. The melody sounds classical, with the keys taking center stage. The lyricism quirky and clever, painting a vivid narrative for the listener. The bass is well balanced a the drum pattern sustains the momentum of the track perfectly.


The melody in this track is reminiscent of an 8-bit video game. This contrasted with the rough flow and ground shaking bassline creates a monster of a track. The flow works so well with this track and leaves you wanting to play it over and over again. This is a personal favorite.


This track has a very dark flavor to it, and a riveting bassline. The crisp flow adds to this uncertain mood of the track. The flow is bouncy and works seamlessly with the soul-inducing bassline and hypnotic west-coast melody.

Boy Done Good

This lighthearted track has a very addictive nature. The melody feels very optimistic, while the bassline has attributes of a grime track. The vocals are at the center, painting the narrative for the listener about a girl that captures Ultra_eko's interest.

Yellow Redux

A remake of Ultra_eko's first single, 'Yellow' - this track is very different from the other tracks we have covered today. It has a very upbeat dance vibe to it, with a grooving bassline, and a very dynamic and versatile melody. This is a track that is very easy to fall in love with - thanks to its distinctive style.

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