Our Top 5 Saint Yeyo Tracks

We have the pleasure of introducing you to an artist by the name of Saint Yeyo. Here are our top 5 favorite tracks.


One of Saint Yeyo's most popular tracks - this trap soul composition has hard-hitting kicks, a smooth 808 bassline, hypnotic melody, and angelic vocals. This track is one for the ages - as it finds its own unique and distinct style.

Unlove Me

A melancholic track, the vocals, and ambient melody tugs at the heartstrings of the listener. The hybrid nature of this track can be felt through different languages and execution. This is a moving and tear-jerking track, made to be played loud in the event of a breakup.


This is a beautifully pieced track. The vocals feel more crisp and fluent than ever. This matches the dynamic melody, trap-like drum pattern, and riveting sub-bass. The vocals echo on the track in a vibrant nature. This is a personal favorite.

Something New

This track is a standout! IT differentiates itself from the rest. It has that dark melancholic vibe, mixed with confidence and reassurance. The melody is bouncy and reverberates perfectly. All elements of the track work seamlessly with one another to create a modern masterpiece. This track really is something new.


This bass-heavy track is easy to indulge in. The vocal delivery is perfect, and floats through the changing melodies and shaking bass. This track has earnt its spot rightfully as Saint Yeyo's second most popular track.

This is a highly recommended artist and I am looking forward to future projects by Saint Yeyo.

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