Padre Tóxico Releases New Single 'Summer In L.A'

Padre Tóxico has released a new single entitled 'Summer In L.A'.

This track is one of Padre Tóxico's finest work. An instrumental that paints a vivid narrative for the listener. The track is down-tempo, and easy to digest and just chill to, no matter what the occasion. A number of elements are introduced throughout the entirety of this composition to diversify the track and keep things interesting. The chilling melody guides the lofi-like drum pattern and is assisted by pads and keys alike. This is a highly recommended track and you can listen here.

For Padre, we can expect two new albums from him shortly. An electronic album and a Hip-Hop beats album. We are looking forward to seeing what else Padre Tóxico can bring to the table, to complement his strong discography.

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