Paranoia's Broken Machine Releases New Album 'Melting Screams'

Paranoia's Broken Machine has released a new album entitled 'Melting Screams'. The best way to describe this 9 track album is Electro meets Experimental from Athens, Greece. There is a lot to unpack here so let's get started.

From, the very first track, you are drawn in. 'No Sense Makes Sense' is primarily an instrumental, filled with a lot of impacts and foley. These effects make up the drum pattern and ultimately sustain the momentum of the track. The melody is grim and sets of an uneasy aura, it is because of this that the track is so unique and captivating.

'Forrest Playground' has its very own unique style. Its repetitive nature is mesmerizing and indulging. It sounds like something off Abe's Oddesy, with its unselecting repetitive melody. This is quite an enjoyable, minimalistic track.

'Working Slaves' is quite the opposite, with a more upbeat momentum, thumping drum pattern, and hypnotic melody, this track feels more like a dance track. The vocals are a nice touch, and establish a narrative to really make this track stand out as it does.

Another favorable track of mine off the album is 'Gravity'. This track has a slow start but quickly evolves into something much bigger and ambitious. This hypnotic track surrounds you, with its industrial-like foley and foreign vocals. This track is astounding.

This project finishes with the track 'Nevermore'. This composition sounds more like a cinematic, with its life-like sound effects, establishing the setting and narrative in where this track takes place. The deafening pitches scramble, as pads rise is volume - only to quickly disappear. I have never heard anything like this before - and its unique style is admirable.

This is a highly recommended album and I am looking forward to future projects by Paranoia's Broken Machine.

Listen here: