Parmy Dhillon Releases New EP 'Mind Out of Time'

Parmy Dhillon has released a new EP entitled 'Mind Out of Time'. We will be sharing our top 3 favorite tracks off the EP, but strongly urge you to listen to the project in its entirety.


This is a peaceful and elegant track, with crisp and humbling vocals, which paint a vivid and resilient narrative for the listener to indulge in, over a beautifully played acoustic guitar. This track is minimalistic yet powerful in its message - and stands out to me.


This is a riveting track, with emotional vocals, which maintain the clarity set in previous tracks. You can hear the raw emotion, pain, and passion this artist has. The lyricism is well crafted - creating a modern masterpiece. This track is phenomenal - and unlike anything I have heard before - its originality is addictive.

I Grew Up In A Country Town

This is a powerful track, rich in imagery, embedded within the lyricism. This track can make you experience a million emotions. The execution is flawless and is what makes this composition an experience.

This is a highly recommended EP and I am looking forward to future projects by Parmy Dhillon.