Phantum & rwrXero keep momentum going with brand new anticipated single

Despite the many delays due to Covid 19, brand new single “Playa Shit” is now

available on all platforms for all fans to enjoy. Atlanta based artist rwrXero and

Canadian producer Phantum have had a few well received collaborations in the

past and made it clear to the public that we can be expecting a lot more new

music to be released from the two of them in the near future.

Phantum revealed he had been holding onto a lot of unreleased music with

several different artists for the past couple of years and feels heʼs ready for it to

see the light of day. Fans can expect new music releasing along side known

collaborators rwrXero, AR Paisley, Nojokejigsaw and many more surprise artists

that have yet to be revealed. The industry has seen in recent years more and

more producers starting to release their music that they create with different

artists by themselves on their own terms. Building up their brands and taking

accountability and control of their catalogs. Phantum helps pave the way to

normalizing this phenomenon which will undoughtably become more common in

the coming years. As seen with groups like Internet Money the opportunities for

success are vast once years of hard work and dedication have been put in to

solidify the brand and connections. Once more talented producers realize this and

are also releasing their own music the overall quality of music in hip hop will be at

an all time high.

Our Take:

Playa Shit is a bouncy ad addictive track, sure to leave its mark on the industry, thanks to its explosive and unique new sound, diverse nature, and rich mastering. The vocals flow nicely and work seamlessly with the melody of the composition. I am personally excited for future projects by Phantum & rwrXero.