Radio Free Universe Releases New Album 'Love'

Radio Free Universe has released a new album entitled 'Love'. This album consists of 8 legendary and irresistible tracks, with addictive melodies, gracious harmonies and crisp vocals.

The opening track is one of my favourites. 'Love Right Now' is a smooth composition, sure to bless your eardrums. You embrace the momentum created by the drums, which seamless accompanies the minimalistic guitar plucking melody. The vocals are quite immaculate. Nothing too harsh here, as the vocals are crisp and warm, creating a narrative for the listener to align themselves with.

'Circle' is a beautiful composition. Everything works perfectly in this somewhat tear-jerking track. The vocals are pristine, creating a narrative for the listener to really embrace in. There are multiple instruments in this track that all work seamlessly together, to create a harmonious and careful melody.

'Even Angles' is quite a standout track. It has a very distinct and unique sound. Synths have a heavy presence in building up this track. The drums play a crucial role in sustaining the momentum of this track also. You can't help but join in on the singing in this marvellous track, due to it's bright and easy to follow lyricism.

'All Or Nothing Time' has quite the build-up to it! The drum presence in this track is heavy, with a subtle retro-inspired acoustic melody in the backing of this track. The vocal performance is really at its peak in this track. Emotion can be felt in the lyricism and the execution. This is an exceptionally powerful track I want to blast in the car speakers!

'Sleep Will Come' finalises this beautiful project. There is a certain sentimental, bittersweet aura that this last track posses. The imagery embedded in the lyricism is captivating, and can really involve the listener emotionally. The sound is melancholic with a glimpse of hope, almost as if the instrumental is speaking and saying that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that tomorrow is a new day. This track has personally had a large effect on me personally. If you only listen to one track off this album - make sure its this one!

This is a highly recommended album and I am looking forward to future projects by Radio Free Universe.

Radio Free Universe’s new album Love is out now at all digital platforms and streaming services with a physical CD release on May 22 on Jetpack Records. Preorder the CD here:

LOVE was written and produced by musical partners Mark McMaster and George Panagopoulos at Sanctuary Recording Studio. The album opener “Love Right Now” illuminates the scope of the band’s style. Ethereal guitar and a steady beat give way to falsetto-punctuated verses from frontman Panagopoulos.

Radio Free Universe releases new video for their song “Love Right Now.”

See it here: