RAGS AND RICHES Releases New Single 'Summer Nights'

RAGS AND RICHES have released a new single entitled 'Summer Nights'.

This is an exciting new track, with a vibrant and unique sound. The vocals are crisp and paint a vivid narrative for the listener. The nature of the instrumental is uplifting and inspiring. The melody has a very distinctive taste, and the drum pattern sustains the momentum of the track perfectly. There is a lot to love about this track and I am looking forward to future projects by RAGS AND RICHES.

Listen here:

Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/album/6j5C8BU2JorjV2VY2rlFqH?highlight=spotify:track:2m04UrqiWZIPv8AIvGJ0TT

Lyric Video - https://youtu.be/oD4ssWeK7Qg


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