Reaper of Kyushu: ' I like to push limits to see what I can do.'

Reaper of Kyushu is hiding in plain sight. A faceless introverted persona in the underground, Reaper of Kyushu is unusual.

In the last year with only a microphone in his room and an instagram page, he has been making an undeniable wave in the trap-metal and shadow rap scene. The 25-year-old, Reaper of Kyushu, first saw success as his single “WHITELIES” gained him the attention of the AMV scene. Motivated by a social media fanbase that began to grow by each day, Reaper of Kyushu relentlessly released SoundCloud gems with rising stars such as “DXDGNG” with Sixthells, “UP//DOWN” with MVKO, and the exploding “Case Dismissed” with Sinizter.

Who are your main inspirations as an artist?

Honestly, there are many different artists, and with many I already worked or want to work with in the future. But after a year long progression as an artist myself, and just really starting to realize the sound, direction that I want to take, I've been focusing more and more to become unique instead on others. Truthfully speaking, melodic hardcore bands like Defeater, La Dispute and Touché Amoré are huge inspirations, as well as many growing artists of the shadow rap scene, such as Ghostemane and Sixthells.

What would you like to achieve as an artist?

I don't know yet really, because I never like to stick to one direction and experiment with my sound. I like to push limits to see what I can do. I surelly will be doing many genres, many vibes, many styles and many sounds. I’ve got a plethora of diversity and versatility for you all. Don’t worry, just wait.

Who is the biggest artist you’ve worked with?

Oh man, this one I really have no direct answer. I have worked with so many talented and big artists, Sinizter, Sixthells, MVKO, Jae R Benjamin, Yami's Sin to name a few of them. You might notice, I'm very very selective about the features I want to have, but every artist I worked with is amazing. Literally they're all talented and I don't think I could pinpoint just one as my favorite or the 'biggest' one, as if it mattered. I do however have a personal circle, Sixthells, Yami's Sin and Izzy Ikkx, so shoutout to them!

Tell us a little more about your recent projects?

Hmm.. Honestly when I go back and listen to all of my recent music, every track has a certain appeal/something special in them. Each song I put out was an emotion I felt at the time. Be it rage, depression, or even happiness, the song was me bringing that specific emotion into audible existence and an audio experience for listeners to hear how I felt and maybe even resonate.

What should we be looking forward to from you in the future?

A lot of amazing tracks and special features real soon. There are so many unreleased tracks on my timeline, I can't wait to announce them in the near future.

Over dark trap beats that are ready to boom across the stages of festivals like Rolling Loud, Reaper of Kyushu spits extremely witty bars along with infectious hooks. With a dedicated fanbase and a natural talent for making killer music, it’s safe to say that he will be on everyone’s radar in the coming year.

Watch Reaper of Kyushu - ZETSUMEI (feat. Sixthells) Music Video Here: