Revel In Chaos Releases New Album 'Drawing Blood'

Revel In Chaos has released a new album entitled 'Drawing Blood’.

This album is 11 tracks long and tells a linear story through segments. We have picked our favourite tracks to share with you today - but for the best experience, you need to listen to this album from beginning to end.

Day 1

This is a very ambitious track, with rich storytelling, ambitious riffs, an array of different electronic elements, and a riveting bassline. This is where our story really kicks off. I appreciate how the mood of the track mirrors the feeling of the protagonist.


In this track, we are introduced to the protagonist's mother. Although the instrumental is quite bare, the focus is drawn to the mothers sweet voice, and her choice of words best develop herself as a character.

Day 3

A constant theme in this project is the opening monologue. The opening monologue in this track is powerful, before seamless switching into a melancholic acoustic, where the keys and acoustic guitar take center stage and accompany the warm vocals.

Mum 2

The second mum track is as touching as the first. Using a very similar instrumental to the first, This is a motivating, uplifting, and heartfelt track, which empowers the listener and protagonist. This really is a touching track.

Day 6

This track sounds very different from previous tracks. The repetitive background vocals, in addition to the empowering nature of the electronic instrumental, and stellar vocals - this track is a masterpiece. I am moved by the atmosphere created in this track, and it is a track you need to listen to, to fully experience.

This is a highly recommended album that achieves something not many artists dare to do, explicitly tell a story.

By purchasing this album, you will be helping the artist to support Place2Be throughout the year. The charity provides mental health services in over 600 primary and secondary schools in the UK, helping to build children's resilience through talking, playing, and creative activities. Place2Be also offers parents advice and support through counseling and parent partnership lessons.

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