Rnmizfit Releases New EP 'All Hail Juno'

Rnmizfit has released a new EP entitled 'All Hail Juno'. The Ep features 5 tracks.

A track I want to focus on is 'ALL Hail'. There is something very special about this track. The instrumental is calming and feels sentimental, with a smooth key melody that you can really indulge in. This is contrasted with the passionate and on-point flow by Rnmizfit. The language techniques embedded within the lyrics really add to the vivid narrative told by Rnmizfit.

All in all, this is. a flawless EP and I am definitely looking forward to future projects by Rnmizfit.

Listen here:

https://music.apple.com/us/album/all-hail-juno-ep/1526079011 https://open.spotify.com/album/2DOEVDONSjEE4Yl2m8ODKq?si=RiWRPGLKS6S4Y08G2vAPjw