Roben X Releases New EP 'The Mental Interlude'

Roben X has released a 7 track EP entitled 'The Mental Interlude'.

The EP beings with the track 'ILLUSION OF CHOICE' - a spoken-word narrative, which really sets up the EP. With realistic sound effects and an intriguing monologue, Roben X skillfully paints the context of the narrative. Creating a great introduction for the following track 'ROSE GOLD'.

'ROSE GOLD' is quite an ambitious project. Hip Hop and Trap meets Alternative Rock in this track, with a raw and authentic sound, thanks to the eerie melody and deep bass. The vocals are at the center of this track. A versatile and distinctive flow is found in this track, as Roben X paints the narrative for us.

'THE G TRAIN' is an intense, metal meets rap track. The vocals are really in your face and aggressive. I like it. The aura and intensity this track creates is nothing short of phenomenal. This track really gets the blood pumping and I'll be adding it to my personal workout playlist.

'DEVOID' takes the style back to Hip Hop, with bouncy flows and crafty imagery for the listener to indulge in. The beat has a lot going on, vocal chops, reverse melody, and a really neat boom-bap drum pattern. The emotion in the vocals are raw and authentic. I especially love the contents of this track.

The final track 'PURE' Feat Stephen Grey And Mariah Michelle, is the perfect finale for what has been such a phenomenal and powerful EP. The vocal execution is nothing short of perfect. You can hear the pain and passion inside everybody's voice in this track.

This is a beautiful EP hands down. The production quality amazes me. I am looking forward to future projects by Roben X.

Listen here: