Roy Shakked Set To Release New EP 'I'm Telling Everyone'

Roy Shakked is set to release a new 5 track EP entitled 'I'm Telling Everyone'. We got an exclusive listen to the upcoming EP, and we are impressed!

I want to shift my focus on the third track of the EP, 'Natalia'. This is quite an elegant and gripping composition. This is a story-driven track, filled with a range of language techniques and bittersweet lines, all embedded seamlessly into the lyrics. The vocal execution is immaculate. Shakked takes a warm and intimate approach, which accompanies the instrumental of the track perfectly. The piano keys feel full and somewhat classical. The introduction of the trumpet diversifies the sound, keeping the listener fully engaged and committed to the composition. This is one of the 5 astounding tracks off the EP, and I can't wait until its official release.

You can listen to the Best of Roy Shakked and Holmes Spotify Playlist here:

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