Russel The Prophasee Releases A New Hard Hitting Single 'Goin Pro'

Russel The Prophasee has released a new single entitled 'Goin Pro'.

Beginning with the King Kai produced beat. The instrumental finds its own style between old-school boom-bap and grit. The addictive based piano is perfectly accompanied by multiple FX percs, and an upbeat drum pattern, to really sustain the momentum of the composition. Russel The Prophasee really delivers on this track, with a hard-hitting flow and consistent crafty lyricism. He doesn't miss a beat on this track, constantly serving bars after bars. Russel The Prophasee is an artist with a rare and raw talent. I am looking forward to future projects by Russel The Prophasee, as I am certain that he is really going to take off with his raw and consistent flow.

Listen here: