Samie Bower Releases New Single 'Skyline'

Samie Bower has released a new single entitled 'Skyline'.

This is an immaculate composition. From the very first listen, I was hooked and found myself digging through the rest of Bower's discography. 'Skyline' really is a piece of art. It has a contagious drum trap-pattern, that accompanies the howling melodies perfectly. This is a very melodic track, and the vocals really build this foundation. The vocals feel warm and consistent. The imagery embedded in the lyricism is clever and romanticised. All components of this track work seamlessly together, and thus, we are gifted with this sensational track. I highly recommended this track and other tracks by Bower such as 'Island Girls' and 'Talk It Out' - all of which can be found on the artist's Spotify page here:

Bower is currently independent working on his next album releases for 2020. His latest worldwide release "Skyline" has attracted global attention and leaves the question if an album is in development. As of now, the release date for his next album is TBD.