Save Game Releases New Album 'My Beautiful Suicide'

Save Game has released a new album entitled 'My Beautiful Suicide'. We will be sharing our top three tracks from this album - but highly recommended listening from front to back.

Body to Body

This is a fast and triumphant track, with a riveting bassline, compelling melody, and snappy drum pattern. The vocal flow is pristine and works seamlessly with the nature of the track. Both rappers complement each other's flow nicely in this track.

4 Days

This is a hard and unforgiving track, with a grim melody, dark 808s, and crisps snares and hi-hats. The whisper like flow is intimate and eerie. The energy in this track can't be matched with anything else. Save Game has achieved a unique and distinctive style.


This is a feel-good track, with themes of resilience and strength. The vocals are crisp and float nicely. The horn melody works seamlessly with the vox sample. Each track off this album sounds different, and this track is a true testament to that.

This is a highly recommended album and I am looking forward to future projects by Save Game.

Listen here: