Sawyer Releases New Album With Dope Hitz Entertainment 'Happy Hour'

Sawyer has released a new album with Dope Hitz Entertainment entitled 'Happy Hour'. The project consists of 8 well-rounded tracks, not bounded to a single genre or style.

'You Never Know' superbly opens up the album following the quick intro 'Dive Bar Night' The vocals in this track hit the right spot, as they lead a narrative, accompanied by an energetic electric guitar, and an upbeat drum pattern.

'Sleep' has a distinctive sound to it. It is a track with a bit of a swing to it. The electric guitar has the crucial task of generating a simple yet exciting melody. The crisp vocals are at the center of this track.

'Down Motown' is quite possibly - one of my favorite tracks on this masterpiece. There is something quite special aBout this track, whether it be the overall groove created by the electric guitar, or the even the simple use of the triangle in the verses. This track emits a certain type of energy, rare to today's music.

'Heartbreak Now' is a tear-jerking performance, that takes a step back away from prior tracks. The use of the acoustic guitar, and the emotion explored in the vocals. The performance is heartfelt yet catchy, especially in the outro.

The proceeding track 'The Night We Met' has a similar vibe explored in 'Heartbreak Now' - substituting the acoustic guitar for keys, and a distinctive and crisp vocal performance, for an ambient and melancholic reverbation of a vocals. This is a beautiful composition, that is sure to connect with any listener.

'Happy Hour' is a superb album. It is well mastered and explores an array of different emotions and ideas in music, not bound to a single idea or style.