Scribble Shark Releases New Album 'Frogs'

Scribble Shark has released a new album entitled 'Frogs'. This album is packed with 10 grand tracks, sure to grab the listener's attention.

The opening track 'Juicebox' - is quite diverse and unorthodox in its nature. The vocal delivery is perfect and really paints the narrative for the listener. The imagery is quite melancholic. The instrumental is diverse and has a mind of its own, with some energetic drums and an addictive melody.

'Citrus' is quite a creative track. The imagery and personification of the juice is staggering, and unlike anything I have ever heard of before. The instrumental is quite bright for a rather dark track - that's what I like about it, it's so different.

'Mantarays' has a very humbling beginning. A real atmosphere is carefully constructed, using an array of instruments, including both airs and strings. The vocals are soft, allowing you to really indulge in the instrumental and themes presented.

'Why Won't You Talk to me?' has a more acoustic approach. The vocals reverberate around this track, and the simplicity of the instrumental allows for the focus on the vocals and lyricism. This is quite a remarkable track with a real sense of attitude, emotion and power.

'Snailz' has a deep bassline, easy to connect with, accompanied by some powerful imagery and lyricism, delivered by this fantastic artist. This track is a step back in time almost, with a riff reminiscent of peak 90s rock, with Scribble Shark's own little twist.

Scribble Shark has a lot of potential and I am excited to see where Finn takes his music.

Listen here: