Sighdafekt Releases New Single 'iTakeTheBlame'

Sighdafekt has released a new single entitled 'iTakeTheBlame'.

Tel Aviv’s Sighdafekt delivers a lo-fi toned track that articulates his vocal delivery in raps in a euphoric-like / effortless manner. The young artist sets his foot on the specific lane he takes with his sound. Mixing live instruments, lo-fi samples and minimalistic raps to create "iTakeTheBlame".

The artist comes about to work alongside multiple in-house / out-house producers on sounds that don’t limit Sigh to a certain genre, and definitely bring forward textures un-heard of before to the table.

Produced by Next Door Stranger, "iTakeTheBlame" is accompanied by a VHS shot visual created by Sighdafekt himself in the premise of his home.

Listen here: