Silver Darter Releases New EP 'Your Paper Disguise'

Silver Darter has released a new EP entitled 'Your Paper Disguise' - consisting of four fresh new tracks.

A track I want to focus on is 'Sold Myself To the Devil' - this is quite a unique and distinctive track, with a signature sound. The keys adopt the main role of the melody and paint an unnerving aura for the listener to indulge in. The drums are hard-hitting and at some points - intense - as they build up the atmosphere. It's like something out of the soundtrack of Corpse Bride. The vocals are crisp and clear. They reverberate softly, as they paint a narrative, thanks to their rich and vivid lyricism. This is what you can expect from this EP - pure bliss with a twist.

This is a highly recommended EP and I am looking forward to future projects by Silver Darter.

Listen here: