Sleepy Three Times: The Interview

We were fortunate enough to interview artist Sleepy Three Times.

How did you come into the music industry?

I've been writing music since I was 7 years old, so it was more of a hobby before. I just started to put my all into it. Took my music serious and started pushing it out. Progress was really slow at first, but after I dropped I'm Still Here' the momentum started picking up.

Who was your inspiration for music?

I grew up listening to a lot of old school, Das EFX, Busta Rhymes, Method Man & Redman. I'd definitely say these artists inspired me and my music style.

What is the name of your debut song?

25 is the name of my debut song.

Say something about your musical journey?

I was 5 years old the first time I recorded a song. It was mind-blowing, hearing myself behind the beat. All the instruments feeling like they surrounded me as I closed my eyes and spit whatever it was I believed the world to be like at that age. That was the beginning of my musical journey, every time things aren't going in my favor I think back to that day. Then I think to myself, was born for this.

Who helped you most in your journey?

My Fiancé, honestly. It's crazy how you can support any and everyone but when it comes to you starting your own brand nobody knows you anymore. It's really just been us, this whole time.

Who gave you pieces of advice?

I've taken advice from in and out of the music industry. For example, when I was struggling to engineer my own sound Multi-Platinum Producer Bricks gave me some wise words to keep on moving forward.

"If not today then tomorrow pick up where you left off and don't quit." I stuck to those words, they haven't failed me yet.

What do you do now a days?

I'm always in the studio, engineering some new work, writing or recording music. Every single day.

Let us know something about your future projects?

These next few projects are just to hold everyone over until the album drops. Honestly, I don't think the world is ready for it. I'm introducing several different forms of Sleepy Three Times. Different phases he endured throughout his creation, and inevitable self-destruction.

What is your message to your fans?

I don't have fans, I got fam. Hey fam, I love you guys.

Any message for new artists?

Try it yourself first, then take advice. That's the only way you will truly learn. Once you learn that perspectives are the key to gaining control of every situation in life, things that happen around you will make more sense.

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