Solo Tyree Releases New Single 'Nobody Gotz 2kn' Ft. ZyeTheGoddess

Solo Tyree has released a new track entitled ' Nobody Gotz 2kn' featuring ZyeTheGoddess. Solo Tyree is also preparing for the release of his upcoming EP.

This is a very sensual and romantic track. The melody provides a sense of ambiance while being

accompanied by a pluck-like bass. The RnB-like drum pattern adds to the identity and emotion of the track. While the lyricism may be slow and seductive, the pace of the composition is fast and active. At the very focus of this track are the vocals. The vocals sound pristine and harmonious, adding a layer of integrity and emotion to the experience this track generates.

This is a highly recommended track and I am looking forward to more by Solo Tyree.

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