Earlier this month, “J Title” released a song on Soundcloud that has brought a lot of healing to his friends, family, as well as himself. He felt compelled to release this song during the current COVID-19 epidemic our world is facing. It has the power to provide people with a tool for healing and embracing our times ahead. Whether you’re suffering from loss, anxiety, or past trauma, this song has a way of addressing these issues.

Background of the Song: “I have a teacher, mentor, and friend who I met and worked with while attending “Berklee College of Music”. He is a certified healer and he began healing work on me, and most importantly taught me how to heal myself. This brought a profound awakening and change in my life that I felt compelled to share with others. Once I returned home from school, I wrote the song “Healing Man” to depict my experience with it all. I showed it to my band, and overtime the song developed into a powerful movement. My bandmate “Jamie Brackman” became especially fond of the song. Just before the quarantine hit, Jamie and I recorded all the instruments to the song in my basement. As shelter in place took affect, Jamie decided it was best to leave Michigan to be with his family in Pennsylvania. This halted our work on mixing and mastering the song together. Determined, I worked on the mix and mastering of the song myself. With my time away from work, I sent multiple mixes to Jamie and my good friend “Dan Barrenechea” from New York for feedback until it was finished.”- J Title.

On April 15th, the latest mix of “Healing Man” was released onto Soundcloud. In just a week, the song had reached over 10,000 people all over the world. Because of all the attention and positive feedback it has received, he envisions the song reaching even more listeners.

About J Title: “J Title” is a singer songwriter, guitarist, drummer, pianist, and producer from Grand Rapids Michigan. Born with a natural talent and ear for music, he developed his skills in music, taking lessons and attending school. Right out of High School, he attended “Berklee College of Music” to expand and further his skills in music. He has been a part of many bands of all kinds of genres throughout his life. Currently as a solo artist, he aims to share his vision with the world to bring about a positive and life-changing experience to his listeners. Which is what “Healing Man” is all about.

Our Takeaway: This is a beautifully mixed composition, which balances an exciting instrumental containing an infectious melody and upbeat drum pattern while maintaining the focus on lyricism. The execution of the vocals are nothing short of perfect. They paint a vivid narrative for the listener to follow along with, and project themes of healing and hardship. This is a phenomenal track and I am looking forward to future projects in the near future.

Listen here: