Spanglish Music: A Fusion of Two LanguagesRainfredrick’s New Song “Alessa” Drops On All Platforms

GUADALAJARA, MX, December 01, 2020 -- As Rainfredrick continues to tease out tracks from his upcoming album, the rapper, singer/songwriter and entrepreneur is holding over his global fanbase with a smooth new Spanglish song; “Alessa.”

Though based in Guadalajara, Mexico, Rainfredrick has a talent for seamlessly weaving English and Spanish lyrics together. Perhaps it comes from his cultural background; raised on Afrobeats in Nigeria, Rainfredrick left Africa at an early age to study and see the world. He picked up new music influences while visiting over 20 Latin American countries and learning fluent Spanish in less than two years. His music falls between two worlds that are different. The sounds of his youth have found a way into the music he makes — an intoxicating blend of hip-hop, R&B and Latin Pop.

In an interview with Guardians Magazine, Rainfredrick speaks about the admiration he has for his fans and the themes that shaped his love for Spanglish.

“The question I get asked most often is: ‘what are you saying in Spanish/English?’ As an artist, it’s a huge compliment when I hear Spanish and English-speaking fans make unintelligible sounds to emulate the words, even though they don’t know the meaning of some lyrics. I often see fans memorizing them by heart. This is the power of Spanglish Music, which is, in my opinion, is a language phenomenon similar to my native Nigerian Pidgin. Fans come to understand the meaning in the foreign language, even if they don’t know the language itself. With the power of repetition, fans are learning foreign words from the context of my songs.”

Monalisa Stephens based in Lagos, Nigeria features on the track and debuts her dulcet tones with a fresh vibe. Although she is an English speaker she decided it was essential to include a few bars in Spanish.

Rainfredrick burst onto the music scene in March of 2020 with his debut track “Put Me On The Map.” The follow up leading singles, “Sydney,” and “Portia” also defined his Spanglish sound. Rainfredrick’s music brings an endless passion for lyricism, cultures and life.

Listen to the track here: