Spicy Releases A New Track 'I'm Good'

Spicy has released a new track entitled 'I'm Good'.

Spicy does a lot! She is a recording artist, model, actress, television broadcasting, the label owner of Spicys Sounds, the founder of the musical group, 'The Comp' while she travels as a Critical Care Surgical Nurse. Her new track 'I'm Good' - is a stand out single ready to make waves around the world.

The 808 bass is a dynamic and somewhat experimental, delivering a cunning and interesting listening experience. The drum pattern is also dynamic and exciting. At the center of this track are the vocals that accompany the keys and synths of the track perfectly. The vocals are pristine and clear. It reaffirms the resilient and dominant nature of the lyricism performed in the track. The mixing of this track also sounds perfect. This track is ready to be the next big hit of the summer. I am looking forward to more projects by Spicy.

Listen here: