Stephanie Jeannot Releases New Single 'Love Is The Matter'

Stephanie Jeannot has teamed up with John Mueller to release a new single entitled 'Love Is The Matter'.

This is a soothing and funky new track, with a smooth guitar riff, a moving bass-line, a steady and minimalistic drum-progression and beautiful vocals. The vocals have a strong message, conveys through the language techniques embedded within the lyricism. 2020 has been an interesting year with the coronavirus and then the black live matter war that came in the midst of the worldwide pandemic. The quarantine brought on the spirit of experimentation and gave musicians the opportunity to get connected with their gifts, skills and talents as a way of being victorious in their waiting for the world to get back to its normal speed. It is because of this that this track came to be, and where Stephanie Jeannot drew her inspiration from. I'm a big believer of 'If you're passionate about something ... the work you put in will be spectaular'. This is evident with this track. You can see how important Jeannot and Mueller feel about this topic, and how a superb track came to be of their inspirations and beliefs.

This is a highly recommended track and you can listen here: