Steve Sperandeo Releases New Album 'Contagious Emotions'

Steve Sperandeo has released a new 11 track album entitled 'Contagious Emotions'.

This project focuses on the singer/songwriter element, with warm and minimalistic acoustic instruments and attention to detail when it comes to lyricism, this a wholesome and complete project, anyone can enjoy.

The opening track 'Junkie' is confronting and upfront, an approach to music I favor. The rawness and unleash of emotions is critical to understanding the thoughts and reasoning of the composer. The diversity of the instrumental is perfect, introducing elements one step at a time.

'Love Me Crazy' is a lot more upbeat, and one of Sperandeo's most popular tracks to date. The use of keys and the guitar creates an exciting energy, sustained by the drum pattern. The lyrics are light yet romanticized, a beautiful touch.

'Nothing' is story-driven, lyricism is the central point of this composition, accompanied by the instrumental to reiterate ideas of the narrative. The switch in the vocal style is seamless and elegant. This is a powerful yet minimalistic composition.

'Tell My Why' is my personal favorite on this album. There is an array of diversity in both the delivery of the lyricism and the execution of the instrumental. The emotion can be felt in both elements. Sperandeo spares no expense in delivering a cunning and moving experience.

'Luvox' is a spectacular track. The opening of this composition is elegant yet simple. The melody is catchy and easy to fall in love with. Sperandeo delivers one of his most spectacular performances to date, found in the chorus of this composition.

Ending this project is the track '21 Grams', a light and easily enjoyable track thanks to the ad-libbing and fuzzy vocals. Credit to the drums in this track, the drums create and sustain a bouncy and lighthearted rhythm.

Steve Sperandeo's 'Contagious Emotions' is an instant classic, a masterpiece that can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. I highly recommend this album and I am looking forward to future projects by this very promising artist.