Stratos Fygetakis Release New EP 'The Fear EP'

Stratos Fygetakis have released a new 4 track EP entitled 'The Fear EP'.

The track I wanted to focus on is 'Flavour' - the opening track to this EP. This track is heart-warming and humbling. The acoustic guitar paints a vivid scene, accompanied beautifully by the steady drum pattern. The vocals are stellar in performance and deliver a cunning narrative for the listener to indulge in and be mesmerized by. The chorus is triumphant as it is comforting. This track is a modern piece of art - and I am astounded by the quality and performance. This is a stand out track - yet - the rest of the tracks meet this high standard set early on. This is a highly recommended EP and I am looking forward to future tracks by Stratos Fygetakis.

Listen here: