Sv1ds1 Release New EP 'Tales from a Bitter Man'

Sv1ds1 has released a new EP entitled 'Tales from a Bitter Man'. This EP is packed with 4 awesome and outstanding pop-rock tracks.

While every song on this EP is phenomenal and game-changing, there are two tracks that really stand out to me, and that I personally want to focus on.

'Obey Me, Dear' is not your ordinary track. Its pop-rock with a sense of punk. The lyrics are engaging, light-hearted and easy to connect with. They are perfectly crafted to entertain and engage the listener on a whole new level. The beat of this track is upbeat and lively. I especially love the use of the guitar and its partial absences throughout the track. It gives the overall composition a personality and a real sense of flavour.

The other track I thoroughly enjoyed was the following 'Where You're Afraid to Go'. This is a stellar performance from the boys up in Norway. Everything about this track is engaging, exciting and captivating. Beginning with the instrumental of this track. The drums are insane, delivering a fast-paced and energetic rhythm for the listener to vibe to. The guitar also has a massive contribution to the melody of this track. That guitar solo towards the end is flawless. The vocals work wonders in this track, painting a narrative for the listener to fully embrace and connect with.

This is an outstanding EP and I am looking forward to future projects by Sv1ds1.

Listen here: