T man Releases 'Can’t Go 4 That'

T man has released a new single entitled Can’t Go 4 That.

This is a high energy and bass inducing track, with a compelling melody, riverting trap drums, and slick flow. T man does not hold back on this track, unleashing pommelling lines that bounce off one another with ease, and painting a vivid picture for the listener. The contents of the track work naturally with the feel of the beat. This track is an instant classic.

Born in Quincy FL, T man is a product of a long line of hustlers with a vision. A dream & many goals to mastermind the reconstruction of his family & friends life. Music being one of many talents and a millionaire work ethic composed his first debut mixtape “Trap Motivation 101” inspired by “Young Jeezy” and produced by “ SS Beatman”. Loved for his vibes, flows, punch lines & reality lyrics by many fans who related and celebrity dj’s such as “DJ Scream”. Best stated by T man his music is to “ Uplift, Guide & most of all Motivate his fan and listeners with stand up morals & a lifestyle to take care of your love ones. With his 2 latest singles “ZAZA” & “TeeStyle” he has proven his talents & work ethics to that of a legendary career. He continues to catch the ears & attention of thousands of fans. Give a listen & vibe, relate & love T man.

Listen here: