T.O.M Releases New Single 'Stand Tall'

Born in Guyana (formerly British Guiana), and currently residing in the USA, T.O.M. is a singer, songwriter and symphonic sorcerer whose musicality was nurtured in early childhood when he crawled around many floors while his father rehearsed with his band. Legend has it those in his family knew he was destined to be musical soon after he entered this world from his mother’s womb and was smacked by the attending nurse when he didn’t immediately cry. Apparently, he let out a wail so stirring that it moved the nurse and many others in the ward to tears, and not all of laughter.

T.O.M.’s musical journey, however, was almost a case of the road not taken. He received his first guitar when he was 5 years old, but it was destroyed in a freak accident the very next day when his sister and her friends used it for a game of rounders, and it was until he was 17 that a guitar called to him from the window of a pawn shop. He bought it and started teaching himself to play. He also started piano lessons as a child, but he begged his parents to stop because the teacher would strike his fingers with a ruler if he played any wrong notes. It’s a wonder that he goes anywhere near a piano now. But, when music calls he must answer.

“Stand Tall” is a soul-stirring, inspiring response to the injustice in the USA on display for the world to see through unjustified police killings, the rise of racism fuelled by the current US president’s rhetoric and actions, and so on. It’s a song of hope for those of all backgrounds engaged in the struggle of equal rights and a better world.

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