Tasp Releases New Single 'Cosmic Space'

Tasp has released a new single entitled 'Cosmic Space'.

This is the perfect EDM track, with a smooth synth-pluck build-up, pristine female vocals, and some serious bass. The drums in the build-up feel minimal but make a massive impact. This whole track drastically transforms in the bass drop. The distorted synths make a heavier presence, along with the bass and the drums and the female vocals turn into vocal chops. This is not only an exciting and engaging track but a testament to Tasp's skill and ability as an artist. Also, The scary movie sample 'Oh wait! There's more!' really got me.

Tasp also released a track prior to 'Cosmic Space' entitled 'Pop Rocks'. This bright and fast track has a retro video-game feel to it. The addictive melody is beautifully supported by the arcade feel drum pattern. We then get hit by the famous Tasp bass drop, which will never disappoint. This track is a welcoming addition to Tasp's discography.

I am super excited for upcoming projects by Tasp. This is a very promising artist that I'll be keeping my eye on in the coming future.

Listen here: