Terri-One Releases New Album 'Liberation'

Terri-One has released a new album entitled 'Liberation'. This Hip-Hop album is jam-packed with 16 tracks, including Terri-One's single 'Spaceship'.

Terri-One is an American Hip Hop artist/producer based out of Detroit, MI. A seeker of

justice, he is determined to use his voice to bring knowledge to the people and speak truth

to power. Terri-One has been a fixture on Detroit’s rap circuit for many years, allowing him to

speak to the state of the world with hard earned wisdom and rare clarity.

'Spaceship' is a marvellous track, with an addictive melody, classic hip hop drum pattern, and some of the best lyrics in modern music. There is an old-school vibe creeping in this track, with a modern synth twist. This is especially a stand out track from Terri-One's discography, thanks to the flawless execution and lyricism.

'2 Americas' is another favourite of mine off this album - it has a special message that is crucial for the listener to take away. The theme of this track works well with the themes and ideas presented in the album. The mellow flow successfully accompanies the beautifully produced beat.

'Freedom (Break Free)' has a very distinctive sound. Terri-One uses very descriptive imagery and lyricism in this track in order to convey the message created. The vocal sample is a classy touch to this composition. The drum pattern works seamlessly with the key melody. This is a phenomenal track.

'This Is Us' is an important addition to the album. A collective voice is expressed through the harsh and raw lyricism. Terri-One has a lot to rap about - and keeps the listeners on the edge with flawlessly and powerful flow. This is a powerful track - and not only for the lyrics, but the emotion embedded in the beat.

'Chaos' is by far one of my favourites off the record. It has an abstract and different introduction to previous tracks. The beat has a flavour of personality, that really assist the vocal execution and themes. 'Chaos' is a tear-jerking eye-opener, thanks to the open and consistent lyricism.

This is a great project that I am excited to share with you today. I am looking forward to future projects by Terri-One.


Listen here: