Terry Blade Releases New EP 'Misery (Mastered for Headphones)'

Terry Blade has released a new EP entitled 'Misery (Mastered for Headphones)'. This EP 6 emotional and heartfelt tracks by the singer/songwriter. As the title suggests, this has been one of the most chilling headphone experiences. Terry Blade has used the hardware to his advantage to build a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere. Terry Blade pours his emotion and heartbreak into this project, becoming intimate and personal with you, the listener. This may be the reason why Terry Blade wants you to use headphones, as they are personal and isolated, similar to the contents of the EP.

The opening track, 'The Unloveable' - is an emotional composition, with warm vocals, and a pristine yet raw acoustic guitar. The imagery embedded in the lyricism is beautiful and melancholic. The vocal delivery is exceptional seamlessly blends with the melody. This is how you begin a fine EP.

The following track 'The Mentally ill' has more of an upbeat instrumental, however, the vocal delivery and contents of the lyrics juxtapose the instrumental, continuing the emotional themes established in the first track. The chorus is deep, wide and mellow, really adding an assortment of flavor to this emotional track.

'The Broken' welcomes back to magnificently warm acoustic guitar. You lose yourself in this chilling melody, as it drives this deeply emotional track. The warm vocals with strong and powerful lyricism embedded within it, really powers the track, and establishes a unique connection between storyteller and listener.

The project finishes with 'Tick Tock (The Lonely)'. This is. a phenomenal ending to what has been a personal and intimate EP. Both the lead and back up vocals, flow seamlessly with the eerie nature of the track. I love how the EP has built up to this final track. This final track is powerful and startling. With a compelling yet anxiety-driven narrative, this track is unlike anything I have heard before.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this EP and I urge to give it a listen. I am looking forward to future projects by Terry Blade.

Listen here: