The Far North Release New Album 'Songs For Gentle Souls'

The Far North has released a new album entitled 'Songs For Gentle Souls'. We will be sharing with you today our top 3 picks off the album, however, it is strongly recommended you listen to this marvelous project in full.


The opening track off this fantastic album. The track has a compelling melody, with an optimistic and uplifting sound. The drum pattern is well-paced and sustains the momentum of the track perfectly. The vocals are crisp, and paint a vivid narrative for the listener. This is a personal favorite and a strong start to the album.

Compass Pointing

This is quite a sentimental track as the album name would suggest. The theme and narrative are unique, and tugs at the heart strings of the listener. The riff is striking and builds the pace of the track. All elements of this composition work seamlessly together to create a stand out track.


This is a much slower and emotional track. The vocals are at the center, and feel intimate and harsh. The guitar is smooth and works seamlessly with the paced drum pattern. This is an easy track to indulge in - with is riveting yet subtle melody and passionate vocals.

This is a highly recommended album and I am really looking forward to future projects by The Far North.