The Fuccbois Release New Album 'LOCKDOWN'

The Fuccbois has released a new album entitled 'LOCKDOWN', and we are excited to share with you our top 5 picks form this massive 16 track album.


This is quite an abstract and ambitious track, with an unconventional arrangement, hypnotic space-like pad melody, distorted 808s, and a distinctive vocal flow. The Fuccbois work hard to create a unique and powerful sound, and that is achieved in this track.

RAINDROPS Although this directly proceeds 'Sail' - it completely juxtaposes the mood established in the track prior. The melody is relaxing, and lowkey. The 808s are more subtle in this track. The lyrics are nerdy, and it's because of this that this track in particular really appeals to me as a listener.


From the very beginning, I knew this track was going to be a masterpiece. The intro sounds like something out of Minecraft, and it adapts to the fast drum pattern and adopts the role of the main melody. The slow melody in contrast with the snappy hi-hats is a fantastic juxtaposition. The hook sounds robust and Ifuturistic. like it a lot.


If this track was a movie genre, it would be horror. The hook sounds very mysterious and eerie, and the vocals portray a dark and twisted narrative. The melody sounds like something out of an 8-bit game. The drum pattern sustains the momentum of the track perfectly.


Finally, we finish with an iconic track, The sequel to the original CHROMESOCK, which featured on The Fuccbois' previous album, 'Whip/Cut/Tape'. The vocal flow is harsh, passionate and raw. The boys really put their all into this final knockout track. The melody sounds weirdly soothing, while the 808s shake the subwoofer. The drum pattern sustains the momentum of the track flawlessly and doesn't miss a beat. This track is my personal favorite.

Listen to LOCKDOWN here: